Why are Valentine Rose Prices Higher?

  • Posted on: 2/7/2020

Why are Valentine Rose Prices Higher?

"What!? Why did you raise the prices just for Valentine's Day!?"

We hear you, it’s frustrating! No one wants to see prices go up. We sympathize, but there is a simple explanation. It’s a classic case of supply and demand. 

There are only so many roses that can be grown at one time, and during Valentine’s Day, this classic symbol of love is highly sought after, making each stem more precious, and therefore more valuable.  



It takes awhile for roses to grow, but the farmers make plans in order to have more available for harvest around Valentine’s Day. They even use a process called grafting to change the color of the rose fields. For example, a grower can change a white rose field to a red rose field just in preparation for Valentine’s Day because red is the most popular color. 



However, despite their best efforts, the rose harvest is still limited because there are only so many growers, and Valentine’s Day is celebrated internationally. The farmers have to supply florists around the world. Therefore, as the demand increases, so does the price. The farmers have to charge more for their roses, which means as a florist, we pay more for the roses, and finally, so does the consumer.

Don’t let this discourage you. Receiving flowers is known to make people happy, and your gift of roses is sure to be appreciated. Roses will always be a perfect gift at Valentine’s Day!



Sometimes, it seems like only roses will do. But, if you’re open to other flowers, we have good news! The only flower that goes up in price at Valentine’s Day is a rose, and we carry so many different varieties of flowers. If you don’t want to pay a premium price for roses, you have other options.

One possibility is to choose a design that incorporates a mix of flowers with maybe just a few roses. That way your sweetie still gets the classic symbol of love – a rose – in her arrangement, but she also gets a wonderful variety of blooms.



We have a lot of beautiful arrangements that are perfectly romantic for Valentine’s Day, and whether you choose an all rose arrangement or a mix of different flowers, we are excited to serve you this holiday. In our opinion, it wouldn't be Valentine's day without flowers!


With Love,

Elizabeth & Cecilia

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